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The year was 1997 and while visiting family in Atlanta I decided to check antiques malls in the area hoping for that rare find. After stopping at a few places, I found a large antique mall and saw a very nice Frankart nude flower frog. A young man at the mall showed me the piece and we chatted a bit about Frankart.  On my way out, he said “ I have someone on the phone who wants to talk to you.”  I was surprised and puzzled as to who at an Atlanta Antique Mall would be interested in speaking with me.  On the other end of the call was Walter Glenn.  He introduced himself as a Frankart collector and we had a long and productive talk. At that time I had just started collecting Frankart and was thankful that someone with so much knowledge was willing to share time and information with me. Through the years I purchased many items from Walter to add to the collection. The pieces were all top quality and his packing showed much care for his  customers. I learned a few weeks ago that he had passed away last year and I was saddened to hear the news.


Decollector.com is pleased to bring to light more information on Walter.  We want to express our thanks to his wife, Alice Glenn, for giving us permission to put this page together in memory of a great collector.


Walter Glenn had many interest and his collecting passion spanned many genres of modernistic design. In his collecting, he amassed a large Frankart collection that at one time counted more than 140 pieces - all in original condition and he was known in the collectible and antique markets of the southern US as “The Frankart King”. Walter had a keen eye for modern paintings, art glass, pottery and sculpture.   He was a recognized authority in the American Art Deco period, specifically Frankart. He was for many years a contributor to both Warman's, and Schroeder's Antiques Price Guides as well as other publications.


Of great interest to Frankart collectors is a two day auction featuring Walter’s pieces starting on March 15, 2014.  The auction will focus primarily on Mid-Century Modern plus Asian antiques and fine art from such artists as Louis Icart and Andy Warhol.  There will be over 50 Frankart items available for auction.  The auction will be conducted by Ahlers & Ogletree in Atlanta (715 Miami Circle).


I think this will be an important auction for the Frankart collector. It is a good feeling to know that Walter’s cream pieces will be welcomed into other collections and enjoyed for many years to come.


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